Meet Kevin


BBA, CCP, Master MP, CHC, Master LOA, CRCP


As your coach, I want to help you improve your life and live it to the fullest. I will help you ascend your path, and find accelerated clarity and focus in your life.

I will do this by helping you identify passions and deep rooted desires. I will challenge you to live with a growth mindset, and will help you to align your values with life goals by creating a plan of action to turn dreams into reality.

I will bring the joy and energy, hold you accountable, and push you to the next level.

Designations and certifications:
Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Happiness Coach, Motivation Coach, Law of Attraction Master Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning Practitioner, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Environmental Management Certificate. I have more than 20 years of personal and professional career experience.

I have additional training in:

  • science of happiness
  • positivepsychology
  • Neuroscience
  • cognitive fitness
  • motivation mastery
  • advanced motivation
  • confidence
  • science of resilience
  • Robin Sharma success training
  • Jack Canfield success training
  • living large with Tony Horton
  • science of a meaningful life
  • health and wellness
  • achievement accelerator
  • Buddhism and modern psychology
  • science of everyday thinking
  • hypnolinguistics
  • power and science of coaching
  • coaching for excellence
  • coaching for learning and development

I am currently an Environmental Specialist / Inspection Officer / Project Manager and has also worked with landowner issues, and Quality Management Systems / audits. I have several years of work experience in coaching and training junior employees, and delivering technical presentations.

I am a Co-Founder (with Krista Hill) of the Strathmore Polominos Water Polo Club, and recently served on the Board of directors as Vice President. Also served on a Board of Directors for club volleyball, volunteered with CPAWS and Friends of Fish Creek Park.

Earlier in life, I struggled with confidence, life direction, anxiety, and putting up artificial stumbling blocks or walls. Several years ago, I decided to take the necessary short and long-term steps to overcome these issues and break down the walls that were limiting my life goals. This was achieved through various methods, including learning from some of the gurus – Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle, among others.

I believe that everyone can, and deserves to, achieve their best life…and I would love to help you accomplish this!I am passionate about learning, mindfulness, health and wellness, and joy/happiness.

I also love family, traveling, sports, and blogging.

So, who are you? I would like to know more about you.




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Use of Personal data Collected Through This Website

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