Best Life Coaching Program

Are you stuck in life? Do you need a little or a BIG push to get your life moving in the right direction? Do you need someone to help you attain your goals? Do you want to add more mindfulness in your life? More joy and happiness? More resilience? Positive thoughts? I’m here to serve you.

Let’s discuss what you need in life in order to live your Best Life. Perhaps this includes:

  • Vision: creating a crystal clear path for your future including your short and long term goals.
  • Change: habits, perceptions, and behaviors; what may be sabotaging your success
  • Negative thoughts: changing your thoughts and beliefs to be more positive and uplifting
  • Connection: increase your meaningful connections with others
  • Joy and happiness: discover a path to increase your underlying happiness on your journey to life fulfillment
  • Mindfulness: creating space in your head to reflect and enjoy all moments
  • Motivation: inspiration for increased motivation
  • Resilience: bouncing back from adversity, accepting of life challenges
  • Renewal: creating a renewed, inspired, and re-energized you!
  • Peace of mind: Let’s move towards a holistic you to move towards the peace of mind you deserve in life!
  • And more…

I can get you moving in the right direction, or help you climb over that invisible wall your stumbling over. Let’s find clarity in your life path and goals. Let’s find your inner strength. Let’s get you motivated in life. Let’s uncover your will and passions. Let’s get your mindset right. Let’s discover a better life for you, your best life!

What you get

  • 30 minute free Best Life session
  • resources to work on and take away with you (e.g. worksheets, activities/exercises), and resource recommendations such as articles or videos and more to support your best life journey
  • post-session notes and Action Items provided to you via Google Drive or email after each session
  • email support as needed
  • sessions can be done by Skype or Zoom video, in person at a coffee shop (if in Victoria area), or phone

Investment in YOURSELF

  • one month laser-focused program (4 one hour sessions) $600 $500
  • three month program (6 one hour sessions)…$800 $700
  • six month intensive program (12 one hour sessions) $1400 $1300